About Us

Attard’s Transport Services is rooted in three generations of family tradition and pride. In 1955, Joe Attard envisioned a market in transporting loads of general goods from Broken Hill to Adelaide. Starting the business that year with his wife Ann, the business grew along with example of an article critique in apa format their family – Their son Trevor worked alongside Joe and Ann for 20 years before buying the company in 1983 to own and operate it themselves. Trevor and Lesley’s sons Kristian paid dissertation and Ryan are also integral parts of the company and have been for 20 years.

The business was once simple – using the technology at the time that has now moved into the modern, computer age. We can now transport goods overnight from Adelaide to Broken Hill, maintaining two state-of-the-art depots. Our Broken Hill depot also specializes in crane, forklift and truck hire to assist with your civil construction, mining or residential project.

Attard’s Transport isn’t all about our hire and transport services. We don’t just haul the goods, we also sell them. Attard’s is the proud local distributor of Adbri, Austral, Quantum and Tudor Pavers products. We can sell concrete, cement, retaining walls, door frames, letterboxes, edging, bricks, pillars, mesh and much more.

Our family pride is shown in our work. We strive for the best possible service and to supply you with the best range of products at the most reasonable prices. That’s why Attard’s have been serving the community for over half a century striving for excellence and never compromising on quality.

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